Chugwater, Wyoming

Chugwater is nestled next to I-25 along the Chugwater Creek, offering a friendly community with both natural beauty and opportunity.

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Chugwater SignHow does a town in the middle of Wyoming’s windswept prairies get the name Chugwater? It takes a little bit of imagination, but once you look closely at the bluffs surrounding this rural community of 250 the explanation seems simple. Long before Europeans came to this part of the American West, the Plains Indians relied on the bison, called buffalo by most Wyomingites, for their livelihood. Before horses were plentiful, they devised a way to stampede the bison over the very cliffs you pass under when driving I-25 between Wheatland and Cheyenne. When the big hairy beasts plummeted to their death on the valley floor below they made a “chugging” sound. Hence, the name Chugwater.