Hartville, Wyoming

Hartville is the smallest town in Platte County, and has the distinction of being the oldest incorporated town in Wyoming.

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Visitors who stumble upon this small, unpretentious town of 63, immediately fall in love with its rustic charm. No other town in Wyoming can hold the casual visitor under its spell like Hartville, Wyoming. Just a few minutes’ drive north of Guernsey on Wyoming Highway 270, Hartville began as a mining town in the 1880’s. Its sister town, Sunrise, was the quiet, orderly, company town, but Hartville, just a mile down the road, was anything but quiet and orderly in its youth. A dozen or more saloons, an opera house, gaming halls, coffee houses…you name it and Hartville had it first. In fact, it is the oldest incorporated town in Wyoming still in existence. And, although Hartville is a sleepy little “ghost town” today, things are beginning to change.